Thursday, March 12, 2015

Making Your Own Choice Isn't Always Easy

Today's slice is a free verse poem that speaks to making your own choices and not allowing others to be the boss of you.

Stuck on cheeks, foreheads, and hands.
     Today's color is blue.
A small recognition for making your own choice... 
     even if its not a popular one.
Lots of cheering on one side of the room, 
from those reveling in an unnecessary victory.
     Four disappointed faces on the opposite side of the room, 
Wondering if they made the best choice.
     Sixteen votes for Chester by Melanie Watt.
     Four votes for the Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig.
One huge compliment from the teacher.
It's not easy having an opinion that's not popular.
Even opinions about books.
Thank you
for making
your own

I give my first grade students cougar paw stickers when they do an act of kindness, make good choices, stay focused on their activity when other are not, and for compliments.  It's a small token but my first graders love them.  We are not allowed to give out candy because of our nutrition policy.  Our school mascot is a cougar and that's why I use paw print stickers.  I have them in various colors; blue, yellow, orange, purple, and rainbow.  These Cougar Paws represent more than a piece of candy ever could.

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