Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wait Your Turn! (SOLSC 6 of 31)

My sister, Kathy is two years younger than myself, but in many ways she has been like an older sister to me.  I make this claim, because she often experiences things before I do.  There have been times when I've wanted to just say, "WAIT YOUR TURN!" 

When we were children, my family attended church faithfully.  We went to a church in our town where my uncle was the minister.  Everyone in my family had a job in the church.  My sister and I sang in the choir.  My father was a deacon, and my mother did all the things that needed to be done behind the scenes.  For several weeks, I had been trying to get up the nerve to get baptised.  One Sunday, as I was contemplating what to do, Kathy walked past me and headed to the alter.  I couldn't believe it!  Instead of saying, "Wait Your Turn!" I marched right down the aisle behind her.  I wasn't going to let my little sister get baptised before I did.  Needless to say, we were both baptised a few weeks later. 

Many years later, when we became young adults, Kathy announced that she was getting married.  My family liked the guy she had been dating, but even I didn't realize that things had gotten so serious, and in my opinion a bit too quickly.  Can you guess what I was thinking?  Well this time I said it to her directly, "WAIT YOUR TURN!"  "Don't you know the older sister is supposed to marry before the younger one does?" .... and her response was, "I can't wait for you."  What could I say to that.  She was right.  How could she wait for me?  I had no desire to marry in the near future and who knew when I would be ready.

Happily, Kathy did marry the following year.  A few months after that she relocated to another state because of her husband's job.  My sister and my best friend ended up living a thousand miles away.  A year or so later they had their first child, my niece.  What about me you ask?  It would be seven years later until I married.  By that time, Kathy would be pregnant with their second child, my nephew.  As it turns out, I would have my only daughter, a couple of years after that. 

Yes, Kathy is my sister, but she is also my friend.  She prayed with me when I finally decided I was ready to meet someone and get married.  She encouraged me when I thought I would never meet that special guy.  After I had my daughter, she advised me when I didn't no what to do.  Although she is my younger sister, she tends to experience milestones before I do.  I cherish her wisdom and her advice.  I no longer needed to say "Wait Your Turn!" but instead she would often reassure me that everything was going to be okay, by reminding me, "Now It's Your Turn."  I love Kathy.  She is my sister, she is my prayer partner, and she is my friend.


  1. What a nice tribute to your sister. My sissy and I are only 13 months apart. As the younger one I was the one always trying to run ahead! We sure could fuss at each other! Now she is such a blessing to me. :)

  2. What a beautiful love letter to your sister. I have two sisters who are also my best friends. I am the younger sister who often times did not wait my turn. My heart connected to your words.

  3. Good sisters are a blessing! I know mine is. Even thought my sister and I are separated by distance (she's in KY, I'm in AL) the bond will always be there. Thanks for the reminder about how blessed we are to have a sister!

  4. Age is just a number when you are an adult. Thanks for the reminder - my sister has beaten me to most milestones too!

  5. I connected to your tribute to your sister, too. My sister is my best friend even though as teens we were absolute adversaries! I've always felt bad because my son didn't have a brother when he was growing up -- and didn't have a sister until he was 14! Your words moved me, though...and I'm going to text my sister and tell her I love her! ;)

  6. It's hard to feel someone's going on without you, but the beauty in your story is you gaining peace from realizing it's not a race for one to finish before another!