Sunday, March 15, 2015

I See… (SOL Day 15)

Photo was taken today at Bell Isle State Park

I see remnants of winter's ice and snow.
I see rays of sun shimmering across the river.
I see tall majestic trees along winding paths.
I see newly paved roads wide and smooth.
I see unobstructed views of the Detroit River.
I see Canadian commerce on the other side.
I see the Ambassador Bridge Looming in the distance.
I see dog walkers, hand holders, and seagull feeders.
I see summer pleasures poised for their return.

I'm holding my breath until summer.

The above photo is of Belle Isle in Detroit, Michigan.  It's an Island within the city with views of the Detroit River and Canada.  In previous years it's endured a lot of wear and tear and was in many ways neglected.  However, it was recently taken over by the state and is now a State Park.  Belle Isle State Park has many amenities including a beach, zoo, green houses, gardens, aquarium, golf course, picnic areas, a giant slide, and tennis courts to name a few.  For the past two years it has undergone a transformation of sorts as it's restored to its former glory.


  1. I felt like I was walking through Bell Isle Park with you today. Like you, I'm ready for the return of warmer days.


  2. I have this thing about islands...islomania (even a word for it)

  3. I am a fellow Michigander and have never been there. I'm thinking I have a new destination to visit. Sounds intriguing.