Friday, March 30, 2012

Closed Eyes (SOLS 30)

As my daughter was leaving for the school bus this morning, I reached for her coat to button it.  She looked at me and said, "Mom, you're doing that because you wish I was still little, don't you?"  "Yes, I do."  I admitted.  Then Rachel said, "Remember when I was little, and you read stories to me at bedtime?  I would close my eyes, and tell you to keep reading because even though my eyes were closed I could still hear you."  "Yes, Rachel.  I do remember that."  I said. 

I started thinking about other times when it's appropriate to close our eyes.  Here's my list of those times:
We close our eyes...
  • when we are sleeping.
  • when we are kissing someone.
  • when we are being surprised-someone tells us to close them or someone covers them for us.
  • when we are playing games-my students love playing 7 Up.  Everyone closes their eyes except the 7 that are standing up.
  • when we are watching a scary movie-not through the entire movie, just the scariest scenes.
  • when we are riding a Roller Coaster-especially when going down the really high parts.
  • when we are visualizing something or someone we read about in a book.
  • when we are praying.
Perhaps there are other times when closing our eyes is an appropriate response.  Can you think of any that are not on this list?  Please share.


  1. A simple idea to write aboout, but it brings back feelings of some of those moments. The first on the list reminds me of my brother. When he was little he believed that if you closed your eyes, you were asleep. He would beg us, "ope you eyes, don't go sleepy." The funny thing about it was, when he fell asleep himself, his eyes would always remain slightly open!

  2. I just thought of another one: I close my eyes (or a least look away) when I'm getting a shot or having blood drawn. Somehow, It makes the procedure less painful.

  3. I close my eyes when I am trying to listen to something someone is reading, or to hear beautiful music...

  4. I think closing the eyes is a way of focusing the attention - yes, like when listening to music or trying to savour a wonderful taste. I think you are so creative, Val. I love that you bring the reader to such interesting 'thought places.'

  5. In the shower when hot water runs over my face.
    In yoga when I am going through a flow and want to feel it and not see it.

    A great everyday idea you've selected for a topic here!

  6. Another time that it's appropriate to close your eyes is when you are making a wish.