Thursday, March 29, 2012

The End of the Story (SOLS 29)

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes.  I love getting cozy with a good book.  I aways feel a bit of sadness when I finish a really good book.  Sadness, because I love connecting with the characters, and predicting what they will do next. 
There are times when I feel like the end of the book is not the end of the story.  Eventually, I get a new book and the excitement starts all over again.

This year, 13 people are retiring in my building.  They are colleagues, they are friends, they are people I've seen everyday for the past 12 years.  It feels like these colleagues are ending a very important book.  Many have tearfully submitted the necessary paperwork that ensures that this book will come to a close. 

I anticipate that these friends will start new books.  Books that will be just as engaging as the last.  After all, teaching is all about engagement.  They will pursue other interests; travel, reconnect with family in more meaningful ways, become support systems for grandchildren, explore hobbies, start businesses, and begin new careers.  The possibilities are as big as whatever they dare to dream.  The end of this book... is not... the end of the story.  


  1. Excellent post! I love the insight here, seeing the end of the book as not the end of the story with your colleagues. I feel the same way about finishing books, too.

  2. Love the connection between the stories we read in books and the stories of our lives. It must be hard to lose so many colleagues all at one time. There will surely be a lot of change for them, and for your building. As you said, the end of this book is not the end of the story. Many great opportunities are ahead.


  3. I agree ending a good book is sad because we say goodbye to characters who we have come to know so well, think of as friends and have been a part of their lives. At least with your colleagues, just as their story is not over neither is your connection to them. What a wise slice.