Thursday, March 22, 2012

Get It Right (SOLS #22)

My daughter is the typical teenage girl is some ways, yet she is so unlike other teenage daughters in other, good ways.  Rachel is kind, respectful, and affectionate.  She never lashes back with a wicked tongue when I have to reprimand her.  She never ignores me, and she never murmurs huffy inaudible words behind my back.  I hear that other teenagers do that.  I'm so fortunate to have a sweet and sensitive, teenage daughter.  How often do you hear those words used in the same sentence?  Sweet-sensitive-teenager. 

When Rachel goes on a borrowing spree, is when she acts like a typical teenage daughter the most.  She goes into my bedroom and helps herself to whatever she needs.  Everything from socks to nail clippers.  Of course she owns the same items, but there is always a reason for borrowing mine.  When she was about six years old, I noticed that some of my pajama tops would go missing.  When I would ask her about it, she would confess to having borrowed them.  "WHY do you keep taking my pajama tops?  I would ask.  "Because they remind me of you, mom." would be her reply. could I be angry about such a sweet sentiment?

Just last week, I was looking all over the place for an item.  When Rachel told me she had it, I was miffed.  In my anger, I didn't kiss her goodbye.  She acted as if she didn't notice, but I'm sure she did.  I immediately felt ashamed of my behavior.  I would not repeat that behavior again.  No matter what.  Regardless to the circumstance.  Life is way to short, and way to precious to sweat the small things.  Even the small teenage things.

Today's another day.  This time, I'll try to get it right.  My daughter deserves nothing less.


  1. Lucky lucky you. You are blessed to have such a respectful, wonderful daughter. Obviously the work of a good parent. I like to think I've been one, but I have one of those other teenage daughters - the huffy, puffy kind.

  2. My daughter does the same thing, always has. So, I understand the 'miff' and I understand the desire to never act from that feeling of anger again. You're so right: Life is way too short. Besides, I think our daughters behave like that because they know how much we love them, how much we value them over any material item.
    My daughter is also one of the most generous people I know. She would give you the proverbial 'shirt off her back' without a second's delay.

  3. Your post is very wise. You are right. Life is too short to miss those opportunities.