Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rachel's Passion - SOLS 8

My daughter, Rachel, is an artist.  Art is Rachel's passion.  Her love for art started when she was very small.  In elementary school she fell in love with drawing.  As a first grader her drawings were very detailed to include buttons on shirts, knobs on dresser drawers, and the twists of her braids. 

By middle school, Rachel was writing and illustrating her stories.  She'd spend hours after school, writing and drawing.  When she was in 7th grade, she contacted a publisher to inquire about how to get one of her stories published.  Imagine my surprise when the publisher returned her call, wanting to talk to us about the book she had written.

Rachel is in high school now.  She still enjoys writing and illustrating her work.  But, what she enjoys most of all is sketching.  She has even created an Art Blog to showcase some of her art.  This week, our school district is holding an art show.  In each building, in grades K-12, the art teachers choose pieces to display in the show.  One of Rachel's drawings was selected again this year.  Rachel is passionate about her drawings.  When Rachel is creating a piece of art, she is her happiest.  What's your passion?


  1. Brilliantly stunning! Wow! I love how you shared what your daughter created when she was young and then the now. Your repetition of passion molded the piece. My passion: getting the right books connected to kids, especially boys.

  2. Rachel is such a talented artist. It's so lovely to see that you've saved the drawings she did when she was younger. I hope Rachel continues to draw and to write. Maybe one day you'll read one of her published picture books aloud to your students!

  3. Valerie, Rachel is quite an artist. Her work is beautiful. I love the way you showed one of her early pieces of art and a more current work. I stopped by her blog and look forward to taking a closer look. You must be quite proud.