Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things First Graders Like To Say or Ask... (SOLS 27)

  • Is it time to go home yet?
  • My mom's ____ years old.
  • Next month is my birthday!
  • The end of the month is my birthday!
  • Next week is my birthday!
  • In two days it's my birthday!
  • Can I have another one?
  • Hey, mom!  I mean Mrs._____ .
  • Can I have a band aid?
  • My fingers hurt from writing so much.
  • Can we have extra recess?
  • Can I turn off the lights?
  • Can I turn on the lights?
  • Can I turn off the lights tomorrow?
  • You're the best teacher I've ever had! (They've only had two and I'm one of them.)
Today's Funny Story:  Today at their music special, they sang a song and the lyrics went, "How do you spell far? F-A-R" and the kids told me they thought the music teacher was saying, "How do you smell fart? F-A-R...oops far not fart." 
They couldn't wait to share that story with me.  You gotta love it.

First grade is a magical year!


  1. Yes it is! I taught first grade and loved it! I often told people that they wouldn't even have to pay me to come to school everyday. Although I never said that to the administration. I wish I had written down what they said; it'd make a great book. At back to school night I always told parents I'd only believe half of what the children told me about their parents if they promised to only believe half of what the children told them about me.

    1. I'll have to remember to say that at my next curriculum night:) Good idea about writing things down. I've heard lots of funny things and I need to do a better job of keeping track of them.

  2. Love the part about birthdays. That is SO TRUE!

    1. Dana,
      One of my little ones started talking about her birthday on March first and her birthday isn't until March 31st. So funny.

  3. As someone who spent several years teaching first grade, I had to chuckle. I've heard every one of these, and the ones that are repeated seem to be universal!

    1. Ruth,
      I'm sure you would agree...first graders are loads of fun!

  4. First graders are the best. I have to laugh when the kids accidentally call me mom --- and hold my breath waiting on the day they call me grandma. The story of music class had me cracking up. I can only imagine the stories.

    Here are a few others that I hear in my classroom a lot:
    My tooth is wiggly.
    Can you tie my shoe?
    What are we having for lunch?
    I have a cut on my finger (knee, toe, elbow, etc.).